1. Richtersveld World Heritage Site

Enjoy a tour, accompanied by a field guide, through the WHS where you can see the famous “Halfmens” (Pachypodium namaquanum) and the “Kokerboom” (Aloe pillansii). Nature is truly spectacular here, and the guides will be able to tell you about the flora, medicinal plants and wildlife. In this part you will across some fascinating cultural sites such as rock engravings and San graves.

2. Camping Sites
Take the route through the Conservancy Area to camping sites like Sun Valley or "Kani Kaip" and explore the Richtersveld in some stillness only to be found here. With a 4x4 you can go all the way up to Peace of Paradise at the Orange River as well as the mountains of the Richtersveld National Park. On your way you will also find excellent views and discover unknown camping sites.

3. Donkey Car Rides
Enjoy a ride on a donkey car or horseback from Eksteenfontein to Rooiberg Guesthouse (about 15 km) in the Conservancy Area and explore the bird and plant life.

4. Traditional Meals
You can also enjoy the true hospitality of the local people when they prepare traditional meals and bake fresh, homemade bread in their open fire clay ovens. (These people are known for their delicious home made bread)

5. Textile Screen Printing Project
A local group of woman is printing Richtersveld motives on t-shirts, curtains, table clothes, etc. These colorful items are for sale.

6. Needle Work Group
Another group of women is producing handmade items like pillows, photo frames, etc. which will serve as excellent souvenirs. These items are also for sale.